Month: July 2015

All-Crop 60A Rebuild

We did a frame off rebuild of a couple 60A’s a couple years ago.  Not for the feint of heart or short of wallet. All-Crop 60A

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Cylinder Bars

The most critical part on the threshing process is the eight cylinder bars that spin on the spool in the concave. We no longer sell them directly as the hassle was a bit much for us.  But you can still

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Locating serial numbers for models 60/60A, 66 and 72

The serial number is engraved on the left side  under cylinder plate or thereabouts:

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Harvesting Mustard Seed

Anthony Boutard of Ayers Creek Farm in Gaston, Oregon shared with me how he overcame an issue with harvesting mustard seed: “The mustard harvest was very different from grains. The plants tended to ball up in the reel and get

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New website, again.

Our hosting company announced out of the blue they would not be hosting windows-based websites anymore as of the end of July.  This gave us little time to come up with a new site and hosting service.  Well here it is. 

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Welcome to the “Knowledge Garden”

We will use this page to post information and discussions about the All-Crop Harvester line as well as updates about our business.

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