Tale of Two Straw Spreaders

The combines had a straw spreader attachment that was mounted in the straw hood. It is not to be confused with the straw chopper which pulverized the offerings much better. Anyway here is a pic of one in action with the belt drive arrangement I am familiar with via the special attachments parts catalog I have:


It requires an extra belt.

However, in a discussion at allischalmers.com

I recognized a second style of belt drive. Looks to be a little simpler/efficient. May be using the same separator drive belt if the idler was re-positioned to give more slack. I wonder which came first/was better…anyone have a parts list/info on this version?



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  1. Chris Hedding says:

    My parts book shows the two different drives. They both require a pulley and belts added to drive the spreaders. One drives from the separator drive shaft,this is the second type drive .like the one in the top picture and needs a twist in the belt. The first type drive is like the second picture and also has a second pulley and belt but drives off the straw rack pulley. The second type drive requires a spacer on the shaft then bolt pulley and spacer together with the other pulley. First type bolt pulley to straw rack pulley.

  2. Chris Hedding says:

    Both types of drives are shown in Dealers parts catalog SPECIAL ATTACHMENTS for “60” series all crop harvesters July 1959 form D-28 for those who would like to have a better look at the type of drives .

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Chris. Will check out my Special Atachments Catalog again. I don’t recall seeing two arrangements but perhaps I missed it. What page would the second type be on?

  4. Chris Hedding says:

    Page 59 in the book I listed .both drives shown. First type in lower right corner.

  5. Admin says:

    Chris, looked again and I see it..How did I miss it? Anyway, the first type sure looks simpler. Wonder what the reason is for the change to the second type?

  6. Chris Hedding says:

    Belt slippage and would cause the straw rack to slow or nearly stop if too much straw going into the straw spreader.

    • admin says:

      Aha! That would make sense! Oh well I shouldn’t feel bad for not figuring it out; after all the people they paid to design it got it wrong too 😉

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