All-Crop 66 For Sale

From a customer:

It is a late model (1959) AC 66. It is on new tires and has a newly rebuilt reel. I have the cylinder partially dismantled so the new bars can be attached. I have practically all parts needed to restore the combine, including drapers, cylinder bars, rubbers, concave bars, shelling plate, all belts, chains, manuals, decals, and correct paint. There seem to be no parts on it rusted out.

It doesn’t look to me like it had much field use. I would like $3,000 to get most of my money back on the new parts. Reason for selling: Out of the grain milling business so no need to grow or harvest grain crops anymore. I also need the barn space. I am located near Winchester in southern Middle Tennessee, 35 miles northeast of Huntsville, Alabama. Contact information is: John Lovett, Falls Mill & Museum,, and (931)469-7161 (days) or (931)469-5585 (evenings).




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  1. Chris hedding says:

    Wish I could.

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