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I am back from the family vacation, and all is well. Going to catch up on all the calls/emails.

Had a bad experience today with customer service. I went to a farm supply company that I have dropped a lot of coin over the years to return a defective battery I bought from one of their other stores out of town. THEIR battery, shipped to the store a month before I bought it in April. I didn’t have a receipt, but why did I ever need one when I took dead batteries to other store brands such as Autozone? Wouldn’t give me credit because I didn’t have a receipt. Remember, it has THEIR name on it and a ship date of March this year. I wont name the company, but they supply farm tractors if you catch my drift. Clerk told me a of a new strict returns policy. Well they are now going to experience my new strict “where I spend my farm supplies money” policy. Need to buy a lot of t-posts and wire the next several months, I know where I will no longer buy them.

Ok off the soapbox.

After that sour experience I went thru the mail and received a nice thank-you note from a customer who appreciated the service provided. That was a nice pick me up! Thanks Pete from Jasper Alabama!

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  1. Patrick says:

    Hey Hows it going. I have started doing small scale grain farming in NE PA. We currently harvesting everything by hand. We are looking for a machine that can help us harvest and process on a small scale.


  2. admin says:

    You should be able to source an All-Crop in PA/NY.

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