NOS Part for sale

Hello all…

Since this is a slow time of the year, thought I would throw out a part or two that may be of interest.
Pictured is a tailings chain assembly. For the 60/60A/66/72. $150 plus the ride. I do offer the parts to make your own chain, but this one here would be less expensive and no assembly required. Email me if interested.

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3 comments on “NOS Part for sale
  1. Randy says:

    Hello Tom, would you have a used grain drag assembly for sale for a model 72? thanks

  2. admin says:

    Hi Randy,
    I have several sitting in machines…(all the same part for 60/66/72)…but…they all are rusty. The slats on these are folded over sheet metal..not very strong. I wouldn’t bet the farm on them holding up..but if you insist, drop me an email. I do have new sets..they are are pricey $475? but better made. -angle iron instead of sheet metal

    • Randy says:

      Thanks Tom, That is a bit pricey, I may come back to that if I can’t find something else. I enjoy your website, thanks again.

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