Locating serial numbers for models 60/60A, 66 and 72

The serial number is engraved on the left side  under cylinder plate or thereabouts:


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6 comments on “Locating serial numbers for models 60/60A, 66 and 72
  1. Chris Hedding says:

    The serial number for the 90 is also located under the cylinder. The serial number on the 100’s are located on the frame on the left hand side near the motor.

  2. James Bacon says:

    Do you have a list of which serial numbers relate to which year? Thanks James

    • admin says:


      I have that info, but not in a easy to post form. Is there a particular machine your need info on? And yes I should get a serial number page up. I did have that a few website incarnations ago…Maybe for 2017 I will endeavor to get that info up.

  3. Ray Shaffer says:

    I have an A26038, can you give me the year and model of it.

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