NOS Part for sale

Hello all… Since this is a slow time of the year, thought I would throw out a part or two that may be of interest. Pictured is a tailings chain assembly. For the 60/60A/66/72. $150 plus the ride. I do

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All-Crop Users of the Future

Read this article today; about young people getting into smaller scale farming. Couldn’t help but think an All-Crop would be great for their rotation. I actually have many customers doing this kind of farming. I wish I could figure out

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Overhauled 72 Back in Action

Paul Krumenacker of Michigan put in a lot of work into this 66 including a concave rebuild to get her in fighting shape. Here is a video he sent me of the unit doing its thing after the work. I

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Back at it.

Hello All, I am back at it. Thanks for all the kind words and prayers. I have been overdoing it lately and it had taken a toll both physically and mentally. I am going to be in rehab for five

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Suspension of Business

Hello All, Due to personal health issues, I am have to suspend business…No idea how long it will be. Prayers are requested. Thanks Tom

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Concave Replacement

Thought I would share pics sent by a customer who fixed his concave with our concave replacement. He took the overlay approach which is to install it over his original concave, or what was left of it!

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New Number

As of the 25th of May around midday, our new phone number, if Spectrum doesn’t screw it up, will be 330-469-9301. We are moving about 20 minutes west into the land of the buckeye flavored nuts – Ohio.

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Tachometer Blues

Correct operation of the combine requires setting speeds, most importantly at the separator drive shaft and cylinder. A good tool for this is a mechanical dial tachometer. Here is where you can get one. Look for part# 1416T1 near the

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All-Crop 66 for sale in California

This machine has to rarities; very good shape, and is in California. Here is what the seller told me: Here’s some pictures of the combine. In many ways I hate to let it go because it is a lot of

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Serial Number List

Got the list almost done ; need to add the 90 and the SP100’s SerialNumbers

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