All-Crop 66 Serial Number List

So as to determine year built.


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7 comments on “All-Crop 66 Serial Number List
  1. Don mills says:

    Just want to say I like the new automatic email. I can know when there are updates.

  2. Rodney Piner says:

    Two Things: I would like to find a model 40 or 60. Do you have detailed and dimensioned parts engineering drawings and production assembly drawings? My son will retire from the Navy soon and we want to consider a rebuild. Between him, my son-in-law, his cousin and my self we can make and build any thing even parts. Maybe even down the road working with you, we could build “new” units. One of our income streams on the family farmstead will come from custom mechanical work.

    • admin says:

      I have considered getting into the “rebuild” business, in fact I did two of them. The way I did them was not cost effective. The only solution is to apply generous applications of time and money. However I am yet to be convinced that the return on investment would pencil out. But I am always willing to talk about it. If you want to you can email me at BTW I do have some drawings of some of the sheet metal. But sheet metal is the easy part.

    • admin says:

      PS Rodney,

      I noticed this is the second time you asked about drawings etc, both times I have asked you to email or call me but you havent. I dont conduct business over a blog site so you will need to contact me “off air”

  3. charlie deach says:

    I would like to call you with a all crop 60 question on your listed number EST. Is today convienent? Thanks Charlie

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